Robert Lamb (writer and creator): Robert is a science writer, sci-fi author and founding host of the megahit podcast Stuff to Blow Your Mind with more than 100 million downloads to date. He also hosts the podcast Invention. His short fiction collection The Grave Stompers: Six Tales From the Southern Earth is available on Amazon.

Alex Williams (executive producer): A video editor by trade, Alex serves as audio engineer and sound designer, sculpting the sonic world of the Second Oil Age. His credits include producing the hit podcasts Atlanta Monster, Cabinet of Curiosities, Unobscured, Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Ridiculous History, and Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know, and has contributed original theme music to shows like Ridiculous History and We Knows Parenting. 

Lauren Vogelbaum (producer): A performer, producer, science writer and fiction editor, Lauren works to hone the world of The Second Oil Age and plays the role of Tabitha Vale. She also hosts the podcasts Savor and Brainstuff.

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