Character & Creature Guide


Synøve Pan: A UDEX Apathis agent dispatched to Atlas station in search of a missing oil executive.

Tabitha Vale: A freelance journalist and transgen activist who seeks a firsthand account of conditions on Atlas station.

Ken Hoffman: Director of Operations on Atlas Station.

Jax Arahanga: Interim head of security aboard Atlas Station.

Peter Böcklin: A missing UDEX executive.

Asia Marsh: Transgenic ambassador for Triton interests abroad Atlas station.

Thetis: A Nereid avenger.

World, Places and Factions

The Second Oil Age: The period of human history immediately following the great energy crisis, which concluded humanity’s First Oil Age.

Atlas Station: A sprawling megastructure, Atlas Station connects surface technology with the mysterious Triton-tapped oil reserves in the deepest ocean. Here, cisgens and transgens work alongside each other — a rarity in the Second Oil Age. The cisgens handle systems and infrastructure while the deep-adapted transgens do all the dive work.

UDEX: The world’s largest corporation and the primary benefactor of humanity’s Oceanic Pact with the Tritons. UDEX dominates the oil market and even the most powerful nations of the Second Oil Age are essentially its vassal states.

Apathis: An anti-espionage division of UDEX, Apathis wages a secret war against Triton infiltrators — especially the telepathically seductive nereids. Apathis trains and conditions agents to resist nereid telepathy and match them in physical combat. They are notorious, even within UDEX, for their secrecy and methods.


Tritons: An intelligent species of aquatic humanoids. Various myths describe their ancient interactions with humanity, but it wasn’t until the energy crisis that the Tritons truly made their presence known. They reside in deep sea trenches and very little is understood about their history, culture or intentions. They possess some level of psionic ability and employ a bizarre form of bio-technology, commonly known as as biotekne.

Transgens: Human/Trition hybrids, the result of the Trition breeding program. They are born with indistinguishably human anatomy, but begin to transform as adults. They typically lose their hair and experience amphibious  metamorphosis. Denied full rights across the globe and tracked with special tattoos, they are still protected by the Oceanic Pact. Their biological adaptations make them ideal deep workers, as they don’t require pressure suits.

Cisgens: Humans devoid of Triton genetics.

Neireids: A special variety of transgen born in the deep. They begin life as Tritons and become increasingly humanoid in appearance. Upon reaching maturity, their beauty is preternatural and they can manipulate the pleasure circuit of the brain with psionic waves. This makes them ideal infiltrators and spies one the surface — as well as interrogators and guardians in the deep. They are also commonly known as sirens.


Kami no Chi: A proprietary pharmaceutical blend employed by the UDEX Apathis program to enhance agent performance and protect their minds against psionic manipulation. It is also known as either the black drug or simply Kami.

The Proteus: Mysterious, amorphous automatons that labor on behalf of the Tritons in the deepest parts of the ocean. Very little is known about their true nature.

Squid Guns: A popular non-lethal compliance weapon that fires a bolo of metagel.

Comunits: The ubiquitous personal computing, communication and identification gadget of the Second Oil Age. Due to the lack of a global internet or continuous wireless connection, comunits depend on scheduled packet updates of desired information and media.

GrahpINK: Metaparticle adjustable tattoo technology.

Transgenesis: The process of introducing a gene from one organism into the genome of another organism.

Transgenesis is a production of iHeartRadio.