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Numerous people have brought it to our attention that some of the terminology used in our upcoming sci-fi podcast falls too closely in line with the terminology of trans identity. We want to assure you that this podcast was never intended to focus on or speak to the transgender experience or community. Trans rights are human rights — something the entire team behind Transgenesis believes very strongly. Our intention with the podcast was to discuss the ideas behind a potential post-energy crisis world in which humans with hybrid — i.e. transgenic — DNA struggle for unity under corporate oppression, media distortion, humanity’s fear of change and interference from another world.

We value the trans people in our lives and our trans listeners and want to assure you that we have heard you. We have listened to all of your criticism and will make any and all necessary changes to the website copy and the audio drama itself to avoid any confusion over the show’s values. We are already reaching out to activists in the trans community to help advise us. Compassion and acceptance are core to the story, and to our team. I am sincerely sorry for any confusion and hurt this may have caused and hope you’ll give us the chance to make this right.

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