Angèle Masters (photo by Bonnie J. Heath)

Angèle Masters (Synøve Pan): Angèle likes reading words (sometimes for money), having adventures, eating foods, and using Oxford commas. She’s also studying biology and religion, (and might possibly add psychology), at Georgia State University, in the hope of someday communicating all of the science to all of the people in as many ways as make sense. She also has combined type ADHD, (which explains a lot, really), a thing about which she wishes she had known when she was a kid and just thought she was weird and/or crazy.

Lauren Vogelbaum (Tabitha Vale): A performer, producer, science writer and fiction editor, Lauren works to hone the world of The Second Oil Age and plays the role of Tabitha Vale. She also hosts the podcasts Savor and Brainstuff.

Robin Bloodworth (Ken Hoffman): A veteran performer, Robin brings a mix of stage, screen and audiobook experience to the table in his portrayal of Ken Hoffman. He has appeared in numerous regional and New York theater productions, as well as such TV shows as AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire.

Aileen Loy (Thetis): Aileen is the lead singer of the Atlanta-based band rock band Till Someone Loses an Eye and an artist of oddities.

Anney Reese (Jax): Anney Reese is an actor, podcaster and writer. Her first acting roles included ‘Male Cow’, ‘Tree #2’ and ‘Shopaholic’. You can hear more from her on the podcasts Savor and Stuff Mom Never Told You. If bad horror movies are your thing, you can see her in Cursed to Kill.

Gina Rickicki (Asia Marsh): Gina Rickicki is an actor, improviser, and writer that has been kicking around Atlanta since moving down from New York City. She earned her BFA in theatre from Long Island University and has worked with Atlanta’s Dad’s Garage improv theater for roughly 10 years.

Additional voice acting provided by Nicholas Tecosky (V/H/S), Jed Drummond, Matt Frederick (Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know), Noel Brown (Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know), Ben Bowlin (Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know), Ramsey Yount, Josh Clark (Stuff You Should Know), Chuck Bryant (Stuff You Should Know), Julie Douglas, Anna Hossnieh (Ethnically Ambiguous), Joe McCormick (Stuff to Blow Your Mind), Allison Loudermilk, Eden Brown, Jonathan Strickland (TechStuff), Scott Benjamin, Christian Sager (Supercontext), Jason Koch, Tracy Wilson (Stuff You Missed in History Class), Holly Frey (Stuff You Missed in History Class), Alex Williams and Sebastian Lamb.

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